About Us:


At AMP Variety, we hold very high standards when it comes to our work, employees, and our customer relationships. You can rest assured knowing that everyone on our team values trust, as that is the basis for all lasting relationships.


We have built our reputation on quality. We have done the work in finding the best quality of products available in the United States. Here at AMP Variety, we believe that quality is the reason for a purchase and we would like to share that with you.

We offer products such as dining and kitchen wares, bed & bath supplies, beauty products, toys, candies, yoga mats, candles, cleaning products, wallets and handbags and much, much more that are all made here in the U.S..

The father/daughter team, John and Melanie Seward, created a brick and mortar store as a way of supporting American manufacturing and boosting the American economy. Best of all, shopping at AMP will give you the satisfaction of knowing everything you purchase is manufactured in the U.S. by American workers. 

Our Story

"I love that this store is available to us in Oklahoma City. I only wish that there were more. I'd love to share this store with my sister in Kansas City."
-€” Marcia N.

"Who knew that all these products are made in the United States. I had no idea that this selection of products are still made in America. Who knew?"
€- Thomas B.

"You made my life easier. I don't have to read all the labels anymore because I know everything is made in the USA."
-€” Sarah T.


"Your Source for American Made Products"